The foods of the world cookbook you’ve been waiting for available on Amazon and at:


Welcome. Have fun exploring. Hopefully you will find inspiration for travel & food.

Need to know more about the book? Click on “Book” in the menu above and to see some of the photos of the dishes in the book, see my Instagram photos towards the bottom of this page. 





3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Johanna, This book “Have Food Will Travel” is awesome.Choices of recipes are super. I already tried “Baba Ghanoush” My 16 year-old daughter mopped the plate. At weekend , for breakfast I made “Savory Tart” which was a complete and delicious breakfast for me, my husband and my daughter. And today I made “Milk Tart” with one extra ingredient, walnut, inside. I have tested and fell in love. Thank you for this neatly prepared cook book which I think I will go over the pages everyday. SEVIL NAKISLI

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    1. Wow Sevil. Thank you for the wonderful feedback. I’m so happy that you enjoy the book. I like that you made the Milk Tart your own by adding walnut. That’s an interesting addition that I may want to try as well at some point. I hope you will carry on enjoying cooking your way through the book. Keep me posted if you want, as to how it goes with the rest. Also, you might like this recipe from my mother’s kitchen that’s not in the book. Follow this link to my blog for the recipe: https://foodsoftheworld2017blog.com/2017/10/23/versatile-lemon-dessert/


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