Smoking Cocktails

The smoking gun

This is not the type of gun where you pull the trigger, and it kills someone. This is the type of gun where you pull the trigger, and it creates the most amazing flavor. Somewhere along our journey together, my husband gifted me with The Smoking Gun. It has become my favorite kitchen gadget.

I have never seen anyone smoke a cocktail before, so was pleasantly surprised when I walked into Stephanie’s bar, and she was busy smoking cocktails. I was fascinated and had to have the Smoked Old Fashioned immediately.

So began my relationship with Stephanie, mixologist extraordinaire. She was smoking those cocktails with wood chips that was left over from building the restaurant’s beautiful bar counter. Now the story got even more intriguing. I did not feel like going home.

That first night we sat at the bar, and I drank smoked Old Fashioned until I regretted it the next morning. The regret did not last long. I decided there and then that I will drink my way through the cocktail menus. That is, three cocktail menus. I drank the dinner cocktails. I drank the brunch cocktails, and then I drank the new cocktails that Stephanie designed that did not even have a printed menu yet. One evening, when I did not know what I wanted to drink, she asked me if I would like to try the new cocktails.

“Of course!” I exclaimed, and we kicked off with a smoked Mai Tai. She was starting to know me too well. Anything smoked is my Achilles heel. Oh well. I was not going to drink the coffee drinks, but in the end my rubber arm prevailed, and it got twisted. I drank the coffee drinks too.

But I digress. I wanted to tell you about The Smoking Gun. It is easy to use and quick on the draw, so to speak. I love making cold smoked sour cream the most, and apple wood is my favorite. It is smoother than the hickory and mesquite. I will relent if I must and use cherry wood, but that will only be if I run out of apple wood.

Cold smoke is gentle on delicate foods and the gun is easy to use. You just attach the silicone tube to the front, add some wood chips in the top chamber, tamper it, switch it on and light the wood chips in the chamber with a long match. The smoke will immediately pour out and you can smoke your food and drinks. To smoke, place the smoking tube inside the container that has your food or drink. Once filled with smoke, cover it for approximately twenty seconds. Do not keep the smoke trapped for too long or your food and drink will become bitter.

There is no doubt in my mind you will be hooked as I am. The Smoking Gun is available on Amazon for purchase, but if you would like the perfectly smoked cocktail, go, and see Stephanie at Local Honey Restaurant.

Find them on Facebook or on their website Local Honey Restaurant | Local Honey Restaurant (

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