Respect your body. Respect your spirit. Respect your dreams.

The view that chronic diseases are mainly genetic is fast becoming disproven. What we put in is what we get out.

When I first published my book Cooking for Cancer, it received five-star reviews from all five reviewers. The only negative critique was that the book lacked photographs. I was struggling through writing my book Fish, as I had no inspiration whatsoever to cook for it or to cook in general.

Such a lack of inspiration perturbed me. I am all about food. It was then that I realized it is because I want to give us the best healthy life that I can, and I lack healthy dish inspiration. I decided to take that reviewer’s comment to heart and put my thirty-day alkaline eating plan into a separate book so that the dishes have pictures, and we can eat something healthy three times a day, while having the inspiration to make the food at the same time.

It worked! I feel ready to reset our lifestyle and my cooking.

This book is an extension from my book Cooking for Cancer: A Book with Purpose. It has taken the recipes from a thirty-day cancer meal plan and fine-tuned it into an alkaline diet plan for general health that will help relieve the hardships of disease. Although it is not intended to heal, it is a sure-fire cleansing eating plan that may help you feel much better. This is not a weight loss plan, but a plan to recharge you.

It is thirty days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. It gives you tips on how to build a healthy pantry and shop for clean ingredients. There are smoothies, quick and easy recipes for days that you are in a hurry, condiments, and juices for liver and kidney health.

Sometimes our unhealthy lifestyles lead to nutrient deficiencies and there is a chapter about the signs and symptoms of deficiencies. Always make sure to check with your physician if you suspect ill health and never start a nutrition and exercise plan without consulting with your physician first.

All the photography was done by the author unless otherwise noted.

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