Whole30 Completed

Cajun Potato “Grits” with boiled shrimp & seared scallops
Coconut Oil Poached Egg
Fruit Salad Side with the poached egg

Day 30. Ten pounds lost. Potatoes don’t make you fat. I ate A LOT of it and I lost all this weight. It’s the stuff you put on top of the potatoes that makes you gain weight. I feel fit, strong and healthy. If anyone tells me I’m pushing 50 and have reached middle age, I will not believe them. I feel better than in my twenties.

Day 16. Ugh. I don’t feel like eating. I don’t feel like cooking and I have an insatiable desire for fresh fruit. The timing of this desire is perfect. You don’t need to cook fruit and I eat fresh fruit salad all day long. Sublime sweet melons of all kinds, yellow kiwis, strawberries, blueberries, mango, papaya, banana. I’m in fruit heaven and it makes me feel clean with clear eyes. I’m loving this.

By evening I need to feed my husband something more substantial and I slap together a plate of curried meatballs, sweet beets, oven baked fries and mixed veggies. It turns out to be quite delicious and nutritious and I gain back some inspiration.

Day 17-30. I’ve run out of meal ideas and have so many cookbooks but realize they’re not really all very healthy. So I decide to slowly cook my way through them by altering recipes so that they become compliant to healthy nutrition. This is fun. It makes me think about what I cook and what I put on the plate.

I volunteer to cook for a cancer warrior who is weak from chemotherapy and I put into practice what I’ve learned about cooking healthy. Suddenly my cooking has greater depth and more meaning. I can take my gift and bless somebody and in the process glorify God.

This lifestyle change has become spiritually enriching and has reached a whole body, mind, soul, spirit and emotional healing level. I have found a complete zen state of existence. This is the purpose of my life. I’m reaching the fullness of my destiny. This is so weird that a simple change of food can have such an immense impact.

Husband is traveling for the last eleven days and this is challenging for me. I do not like cooking for one, because the reward of sharing my food with someone isn’t there. I drastically simplify things by eating steamed mixed veggies for lunch and dinner with some spice and protein thrown in. I don’t have to think of what to cook and my meals remain nutritious and on point.

I find it hard to believe that a week from now the thirty days will be over. It went fast and the health impact has been big.

Day 25. OK. You are going to laugh at me now, but I can’t help sharing this. Today I noticed something bizarre. I have to walk by a mirror to get to the restroom and my head caught my eye. My hair looks darker. Is it my imagination? I get closer. No. My gray hair is diminishing. I look at my teeth. In my twenties I broke one of my front teeth. It was repaired but through the years it started to discolor. This tooth looks better. It looks like it’s returning to its normal color! I’m convinced it’s this lifestyle change. My body is rapidly busy repairing itself. Food can heal and food can kill. I’m happy I chose healing.

I notice I don’t get so ravenously hungry anymore. Before this program, I wanted to eat every two hours and if I couldn’t, I’d get “hangry.” Poor husband! Well those days are over. I’m guessing my satiety hormones have been properly balanced.

Day 26. It’s Friday and I feel like cake and chocolates and French champagne. Life’s so dull without it AAAARRRRGGGGGHHH! Weekends have been my greatest challenge, because on weekends it is wine time with meals and when the weather is hot, some Blue Moon is necessary to cool down. As soon as I fill my belly with nutritious food, the longing for this habit goes away immediately. It is exactly what it is. A habit. Instead we do wholesome things and have better communication. We can soberly dream about the future. Perhaps a future with a little lakeside cabin.

I can exercise on weekends, which I’ve never done because I’m always too tired from the night before. Monday is no longer a monster. I go and volunteer at the library with a spring in my step instead of dragging my feet.

Day 30. We have decided this isn’t over. We are going to make it a permanent lifestyle change. I am happy about this decision and respect my body so much more now. Life has just become amazing.

The end…or is it merely the beginning?

A link to some of the meal photos https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2466290676779376&type=1&l=61f68c796e

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