Whole30 Half Way

Tuna Salad

Broccoli Frittata & Green Goddess sauceChicken Salad &Green Goddess Dressing

“Nothing that’s easy is ever going to change your body,” says Amy Dixon, fitness trainer extraordinaire.

My body has become lean and I just increased my resistance training weights in direct proportion to the mass I’ve lost. My fat pants no longer stay on my hips and my skinny jeans fit again. I know this is not the focus, but I can’t wait for Day 31 to get on the scale to see the results. It’s only 15 days and the difference is already enormous.

I’ve lived life to the fullest. A certain life that now seems a little strange to me. How could I not have taken proper care of myself like this all the time?

Day 2. I wake up in a bad mood with a lump in my throat, sinus drip, halitosis, upset stomach and the shakes. “UGH! I want my coffee with milk. This is hard!”

As the thought crosses my mind I think about what the author of Whole30 said about hard: “It is hard to give birth. It is hard to fight cancer. It is not hard to drink your coffee black.”

So I swallowed it down and start my day with a strong workout and a frittata made with peppers, mushrooms and jalapeño. All served with no garbage added salsa Fresca.

A tuna salad lunch makes me miss a warm crusty bread, but I soon realize this has psychological impact. My mom and I used to go to a sweet little sandwich shop that made the most sublime tuna salad rolls. The taste of tuna, onions and mayo takes me straight back to the closeness of my mom. I focus on another memory. We lived on the island of Mauritius for two years where we ate this salad without the bread almost every weekend. I taste cerulean sea and good friends and shift the unhealthy to the healthy.

By mid afternoon all the fruits and veggies start work as a scrubbing brush. My system becomes cleaner, my sinus stops running and my eyes feel clear.

I’m ready for tonight’s Dutch oven drumsticks with fresh mixed veggies.

Day 3&4. My husband, Stan, is on the program with me. He is traveling for the next two days and will face his own challenges with this. I don’t like to cook for one, so I almost quadrupled last night’s dinner so that there will be enough leftovers for me to stretch out for two days. This morning, all yesterday morning’s detoxification symptoms are gone. I’m rearing to start this day!

I stand in the kitchen with my eyes closed, chanting “Wake up liver. Wake up liver,” while drinking a glass of warm water with the juice of a lemon in it. It stimulates bile flow, which sets me up for better digestion for the rest of the day.

I’m so grateful this plan does not count calories. One can eat until satiated, so it’s important to chew slowly, savor every bite and listen to the body. Satiated doesn’t mean over-eat. My breakfast is loaded with good fats, protein and root veggies in the form of eggs fried in coconut oil with root veg and mushroom hash, avocado and a power greens salad dressed in olive oil. Potato is not evil here! What a relief.

Today I have cravings and just a word of advice. Do not watch Top Chef when you’re on this program.

Day 5-7. Cravings. It’s raining and cold and I want to sit in front of the TV and binge. I don’t. Tonight is Friday and I want to drink wine. I don’t. It is a breakthrough.

I now only watch Top Chef when my belly is full, so the temptation has no impact.

By Day 6 I start to feel amazing. Lots of dry skin brushing and long stretch sessions further detoxify and open up the body.

It’s the first weekend and we simply have to have dessert. My first ever completely natural unsweetened antioxidant bomb of a dessert. Chocolate pudding with fresh sweet cherries made with unsweetened organic cocoa powder, eggs, all natural canned peaches in their juice and sublime sweet cherries. I call it the Chocolate Cherry Bomb.

Saturday I wake up feeling energized and in a fabulous mood. Best mood in years and realize I’m always in a bad mood, because I always eat and drink bad stuff. You truly are what you eat.

I feel the need to cook more and photograph less. The photography takes up too much time and leaves me feeling frustrated. I’d rather just bask in the beauty and love of cooking, so I give up trying to style plates and take photos of really simple food. The time spent to do meal plans, shop for food and cook is enormous. It’s worth it.

By the end of Sunday evening my skin smells like metal. I wash my hands but the smell doesn’t go away and I realize my body is busy detoxing metal. Dry skin brushing, a hot shower and some shea butter makes it better.

Day 8. For the first time in twenty years I got through a weekend without touching any alcohol. It feels great. I thought it was going to be difficult, but it was easy. It helps that my husband has decided to do the program with me. This way we can support each other, which makes a huge difference.

The greatest challenge now is to decline social invitations as I’m afraid the temptation of fun and alcohol will be too much for me to withstand. I read some of the menus of the restaurants we get invited to. There is NOTHING on there that we can eat! My eyes are opening more and more as to how bad the world’s health situation really is.

Day 9 is particularly bad for me. No matter how much protein and good fats I eat during meals, I can’t seem to stay full. It takes all my willpower not to drive to the store and buy a pizza! I don’t.

Day 10. I’m all frittata’d out. They are so delicious and I make a different one with veggies every two days, but I’m longing for a soft, fresh white bread. I love bread with my breakfast, but I stand firm. I don’t. For the next two days it is a beautiful sweet potato and jalapeño frittata. Almost half way. Standing strong.

Day 11-15. I manage to make a butter chicken without any dairy. It tastes amazing. Its creamy tang comes from home made mayo and salsa and its flavor from my own Indian spice mix.

Things are normalizing. Cooking this way has become routine and a normal part of every day life. I’m taking too many photos of really simple, yet tasty food and it’s interfering in my food prep. I may simply quit taking photos altogether.

Two weeks to go and I no longer miss anything. We have decided that this will be a permanent lifestyle change. It is worth it!

See you in two weeks.

2 thoughts on “Whole30 Half Way

  1. Joanne Saab \(TravelOnly with Joanne\) January 23, 2019 — 9:07 pm

    Good for you Jo….and I hear you about the frittatas. David and I have been eating them for almost a year now….It’s a lot of eggs but now we change them up and it’s like a whole new meal each time.

    How is the wine going? That has to be the hardest….Hopefully you are not turning down too many social invitations!

    Miss you both



    1. Don’t miss the wine one bit, which is really surprising. Think it’s divine intervention 🤣 We eat more than two dozen eggs a week! Thank goodness I love them and learning all kinds of different ways with them.
      Miss you guys xoxo


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