Alabama Surprise

GULF SHORES, Alabama. I vaguely remember that in 2010 the BP Deep Horizon oil rig exploded here and rendered the ocean and beaches black and the sea creatures dead and slick with oil. The images were harrowing, but today there is no physical sign that this disaster ever occurred. The beaches are pristine with white powdered sugar sand squeaking underfoot and the ocean is clear, warm and usable. We launched our kayak and stand up paddle board early every morning at sunrise through the surf. It was hot for this time of year and by 11am the heat chased us inside to go hunt for tasty morsels from the ocean. Waterfront dining was in abundance and the fresh local seafood didn’t disappoint. We ate an amazing fried grouper sandwich at The Gulf restaurant next to the ocean. At Tacky Jacks in the marina we met up with our neighbors from Colorado for fried fish. Cobalt restaurant gave us tuna and avocado stack to die for, black bean dip as a side and a key lime pie tartlet to sweeten the deal. This could have been the best dining experience of the entire vacation, except the server was so sullen and angry that she ruined our lunch memory at this fine dining spot. We fell into The Sassy Bass Caribbean Bar. A dive bar serving basic Caribbean food to the sounds of Bob Marley coming from everywhere. At Flippers there was more fried fish and key lime pie and soon we settled into a daily routine. Wake up early, use the ocean, take the dog crab hunting, read on the deck until it got too hot, find lunch, shop for dinner, rest inside to wait out the extreme afternoon heat and at sunset start the sunrise routine all over again until dinner time. The ocean air made us sleepy and early bedtimes rested us enough to start our lazy daily routine every morning early just before sunrise.

Alabama was good to us and if we didn’t live in Texas, I would never have thought to come here. I’m glad we did. We will return to bring our little dog crab hunting at least one more time and to eat the fresh seafood that is so rare to find where we live.

Follow this link to our website for the Key Lime Pie Deconstructed free recipe.

To enjoy the full joy of our sweet treats, you can purchase our book A Taste of Gorgeous by following the Amazon link in the Bookstore.

The second edition of Have Food Will Travel is under construction and you will find more Alabama recipes in this book, so check back regularly for publication dates.

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