Smoking In Texas


Texas has its quirks. It is all about cowboy churches, blue bonnets and southern food. Mostly it is about barbecue. The first time we rolled into town, I looked back in astonishment. My brain couldn’t compute what my eyes were seeing. It was a car on fire and he was driving fast, hurtling towards us.

“Look!” I screamed at my husband.

My panic soon turned into laughter. It was a car towing his barbecue pit behind him while smoking his daily meat. The round belly of the beast was spewing smoke and when you saw the car from the front, you did not see the smoker, which made it look like the car was on fire. Phew! Crisis averted, and someone was going to get a smoky barbecue dinner.

Texas food goes straight to the hips. It is big and bold like the state itself. Everything is chicken fried. Chicken fried steak, chicken fried lobster, chicken fried chicken. Everything is served with hush puppies, fries, sausage gravy, collard greens and green beans. It is the land of the big biscuit for breakfast. The only variation on this theme is the Tex-Mex. Yes, Texas was Mexico first before it became America and the food of Mexico and Texas has fused together to form Tex-Mex. On the Texas coast you will find some relief in the form of fresh oysters, fresh fish and Tequila Lime Pie.

The beer is big, the spice is big, the snakes are big, and the tarantulas are big. It is the land of the road runner and the armadillo. There is big sky, beautiful sunsets, ocean, forests, lakes, mountains, arid desert and wine country. It is a land of contrast with friendly people and scary people.

Is this the place where I would lay my head to rest? More than likely not, but in the mean time I will continue to love the spring and fall that lasts forever and bring with it mild temperatures and spectacular sunsets.



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