Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding


“Did you put the lemon cream pie back in the fridge after you took a slice? NO! YOU DIDN’T!!”

“Sorry mommy. It wasn’t my fault. The condensed milk made me do it.”

I cannot help but share with you today what Craig had done with my grandmother’s self saucing chocolate pudding. Look at that image. The height of it, the thick richness of the sauce oozing over the edge like that. Doesn’t it make you wish the book was already finished so you can go and buy it, so you can get this recipe, so you can make it, serve it & taste it immediately? It certainly makes me want to get into my kitchen and make it again, and again, and again.

It all didn’t end here of course. He made a simple chocolate hazelnut pate gorgeous and turned a paint pot tart into something remarkable. He went and made my mother’s lemon cream pie and when I saw the photo, I wanted to go out and make and eat the whole tart like I once did when I was a child. My mother made it and yes, I ate the whole tart on my own. Selfishly, gleefully, not fearing the consequences, enjoying every bite. I should have feared the consequences. It wasn’t pretty. I was nauseous, I writhed in agony, my tummy was upset, I had a sugar rush that bounced an already energetic child off the walls, but I also had to endure the disappointed look on my mother’s face. My mother is a kind woman, so forgiveness was quick and the pie was quick to emerge again.

I’m writing the recipes and making some of these desserts. At first I was going to make all of them as they emerged in Craig’s images, but then fear of obesity got in the way. I will make all of them gradually, as time goes by and I will make sure to share them with guests, instead of gobbling up the whole lot on my own.

Happy dessert making and even happier eating!


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