Citrus Soufflé

I’m no Julie Powell from Julie and Julia, but I’ve read the book and seen the movie and when I think of making dessert, it is so daunting that I picture myself – like pajama clad Julie – lying on the floor on my back like a turtle, too fat to move, in my pajamas, one foot twitching, like the fin of a beached whale in its final throes. Julia Child was an American chef, recognized for bringing French cooking to the American kitchen in her book Mastering the Art of French Cooking. This book inspired Julie Powell to cook through the 524 recipes found in this book and to write about it.

I followed Julie’s journey through her book and she has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and write my second cookbook: Dessert! Even though my desserts turn out delish, I simply do not have the gift to make them look gorgeous on a plate, so I approached my son Craig, an executive sous chef in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is the ultimate culinary arts pastry chef, so I got an idea. I want to do a second cookbook, but with a partner. Him. I’ll write the recipes, but he’s got to do what he’s gifted to do: take my recipe and do the creating, plate styling and photography.

I want to write the simplest dessert recipes that even I am willing to make. Then I want to give it to him to make gorgeous. Our dream just became reality. I wrote the first dessert recipe and he turned it gorgeous. It is a very traditional South African dessert with a name too tough to translate sensibly into English – Japie Se Gunsteling – so we’ve changed it to Citrus Souffle. This is no ordinary souffle though. Unlike the original, it is really easy to make and hard to get wrong. This is the first fruit of our labor and we’re already having fun. A Taste of Gorgeous was born and I know you’re going to love making our desserts once the book gets published. We will share a sample recipe with you a little further down our road, so watch this space!

We invite you to follow our journey and get ready to make our simple, easy, gorgeous desserts when the book is released.

My first cookbook has been published. The cover for the book, as well as the recipe for the cover, was done by Craig and was added as a bonus recipe in a book full of global cuisine. To purchase, go to the Home page of this blog and follow the link to my online store, or click on this link

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