Fun in Fort Lauderdale

“RASTAMAN LIVE UP!” They’re singing Bob Marley like Bob Marley, and the reggae band is to blame for all my good intentions that fly out the window. I don’t like reggae, I love it (10CC) and the sound of reggae is inescapable throughout the entire Fort Lauderdale. I’m in reggae heaven.

I came here with very good intentions. Low key, healthy, exercise, catching up on long lost sleep. We walk into the Siren’s Table restaurant immediately after arriving, for a drink at the bar and this band starts up. We were going to go out for dinner, but remain for the music. The food is great. We eat Tuna Tartare, Fried Calamari & Sea Scallops with Morel Mushroom & Asparagus Risotto. There’s no space for my beloved key lime pie and before long, dinner is over and it is time for tropical cocktails. Mine arrives and it is brutally strong, but the music is good, the dancing’s started up and conversations with strangers give the evening a new edge and we’re having fun. More cocktails arrive and all my good intentions get flushed down the drain within hours of arriving. Oh well. It is my happy place after all and tomorrow’s another day.

The following morning we head to the Ritz Carlton for breakfast. Time to hydrate. I don’t feel very strong, but thank goodness for a great smoothie menu. The tropical banana smoothie and some Huevos Rancheros set me right just a little bit and we head off to the beach for an 8 mile walk and then a swim in an ocean that’s as warm as bath water and that looks like an azure blue swimming pool. We try to get some sleep before dinner, but the hotel is noisy and eventually we give up and husband offers to buy me a beer at S3 restaurant. This restaurant belongs to the Hilton and like the Siren’s Table has a wonderful setting across the road from the beach. More cocktails follow and we decide to stay put for dinner. This is a tapas restaurant and we order a bunch of small plates to share, but it being America, the small plates are not so small and we fill up pretty quick. We remain wise and head to bed early. The next morning we are refreshed and walk over to Steak 954 restaurant in the W hotel for breakfast. The breakfast and service is good, but the location is not nearly as nice as the other places we’ve tried and the food pales in comparison to the rest. We decide not to come back to this one, and the following morning, the reggae band is back at the Siren’s Table for Father’s Day brunch, so back we go. Things become a bit of a blur. I know we walk a lot along the beach. A quick calculation gives me about 24 miles in 3 days and by Monday my feet are begging for mercy. This may be a good thing. The weather turned bad and I hit the spa. I’m not a great lover of the spa experience, but this was wonderful. Husband works and I dine alone, but he finishes early and we head to the bar for our final drink before departing the next day. Lo & behold. Conversations with strangers struck up again & before we know it, the subdued intentions are once again out of the window. This impromptu party gets us drinking more wine than we should and we are the last people to leave the bar. I know I will regret it in the morning when I have to get ready to go to the airport and yes, I had morning after regret, twice, but no, I wasn’t sorry we did it. We had a wonderful time, amazing food, good music and we bonded with complete strangers. Before the flight I had another quick smoothie to set me straight and away we went.

Back home, summer has arrived in full swing. My herb garden has scorched to death and I was glad that I received so many smoothie ideas in Fort Lauderdale. It feels too hot to cook and eat and all I crave is ice cold drinks, so will be experimenting with smoothies for a while until I’m ready for a hot breakfast again. I would love to share my ideas with you. They’re quick & easy to make, very nutritious, healthy, sugar free and non-fat, the base ingredients remain the same with variations in the fruit and great to grab and go for busy people. For the recipes that will appear over the upcoming days, follow this link: 

For more Florida photos, follow this link to my Facebook page:


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