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My son is laying in the dust with a motorbike on his chest. He’s 14 and small for his age. We’re living in Botswana and we’re at the motocross track. The race is just coming to an end. He is halfway through the last lap. I saw him do an incredible jump, the bike went out from under him high in the air. He did a summersault mid air and connected face first with the ground, somehow flipped over onto his back and the bike landed on his chest. The adrenaline propels me over a hefty high fence and I find myself standing next to him. I realize I had forgotten to breathe. A former policeman is doing a first aid check on him. Miracle. Not a scratch. He is ok. I want to pick him up and carry him home, but he stands up, tears brimming on muddy eyelids. Against everything I want to do, we ask him if he would like to quit or finish. Even thought the race has finished, he says he wants to finish. He gets back on the motorbike and finishes his lap. Great applause erupts everywhere. This is not the first time and neither will it be the last, that I’m extremely proud of him. This boy is now a young pastry chef in one of Tel Aviv’s top 10 restaurants. His dessert creations are of unsurpassed beauty and creativity. I taught him to cook at an early age. His task was to choose a dish once a week, plan it, make a grocery list, go shopping for his ingredients, come home and cook our dinner. His favorite used to be butter chicken. I wrote notes for him in the recipe book to simplify matters according to his age and I treasured that book because of the memories every time I opened it. The book got stolen during our move from Canada to Colorado. Even though I got a replacement of the same book, I remain sad about losing the notes written to a child and his tiny, buttery red fingerprints in the book. The picture in my head though, can never be stolen or erased and will be added into the cookbook I’m busy writing. About The Photo: Craig’s creation. Photo taken by Craig. The shell is a 55% dark chocolate that was fermented with passion fruit pulp, so it has a slight passion fruit aroma and after taste. The filling is a raspberry coulis and passion fruit cream and was decorated with cocoa butter with Japan in mind. This photo may get updated with more of his work at another date.



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  1. If this is the first comment, then emotion would dictate it to be: “Steek hom, Frikkie! Vat so, Katvis!”

    Lekker kry ek nou vir jou part.

    “Suck the marrow out of life”

    Now following.


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    1. Thanks for the first comment. I have a commenting follower. Yay! Hopefully next week I will have another motorbike story for you.


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