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I was looking for a chef to write the foreword to my book, when it struck me. Craig! My son’s a pastry chef at Shila restaurant in Tel Aviv, one of the top 10 restaurants in Israel. Who better than my own child? The recipe will appear in the book as a bonus recipe. In the mean time, here is an excerpt for you from the foreword: “My parents taught me about the world, travel, food and how the different cultures impacted the foods of the world. It lead me to become an inspired pastry chef, but when the author asked me to write the foreword, I felt a sense of trepidation as I’m not a great lover of writing. I do however have a great passion for food and instead of writing the foreword, I wanted to contribute by designing, creating and photographing a dish that will express the theme of this book at its very onset. The recipe and photo are authentically mine and written with dedication and love and it is a symbol of the exoticism of food from all over the world.” -Craig


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