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THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! We’re living in Amazimtoti, KZN, South Africa. It is Christmas and the first time I meet my six year old twin daughters. I have no idea what to do with children, so the obvious things to do is teach them the things that I feel safe doing, so I teach them to swim and I teach them to cook. They don’t love the water too much and we decide to focus more on the cooking. We decide to start with something simple. How about pasta? Everyone loves pasta. How does one check that pasta is cooked to the right “al dente”? Well, you throw it against the ceiling, of course! Chaos erupts in the kitchen. One woman, two girls, giggling, squealing, sometimes a little scream of delight, a lot of THWACK’ing noises as the white ribbons hit the ceiling. Their great grandmother walks into the kitchen to come and check the cause of the commotion. Her mouth falls open, face full of horror, much like an Edvard Munch painting. Her scream is not a scream of delight: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING????!!!!” “Gran, we’re learning to cook pasta.” THWACK THWACK THWACK. We were busy making the most memorable Christmas of our lives. I’m so proud of the young women they’ve become: 24 going on 25. One is a teacher and one is about to give us a grand baby and we still talk about THAT CHRISTMAS with the pasta every opportunity we get. Recipe for the original Fettucine Alfredo will appear under the recipe section. I’m writing it for Melanie because she is pregnant. You will see why this specific recipe for a pregnant young woman in the recipe section. I’m also writing it for Tanya, because she cooked us another pasta dish when we were on vacation together in Quebec, Canada.                                                                                                  



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