Why am I doing this? Food, travel, friends, inspiration, sharing. In my view, the food cannot be without the travel and the travel cannot be without the food and without the friends, inspiration and sharing, it is all nothing, so it has to be one thing. Food is meant to be shared with family and friends and everyone else who is willing to enjoy life’s journey. Although my closest group of family and friends is small, I’m eternally grateful to each and every one of them for having an impact on my life, for inspiring me to cook and write. I would like to dedicate this to all of you and mention with gratefulness and thanks, a few people that has influenced me to take up this challenge. To my husband, Stan, who has savored every single bite I have ever cooked. To my mom for always believing in me, no matter what. To my dad for everything he’s done for me, including building my first car for me when I couldn’t afford to buy one. To my three children, Melanie, Tanya and Craig. You have been an inspiration to me in too many ways to mention, not only with food, but also in life. The three of you have given my life meaning and purpose and you have turned me into a better human being. The idea would not have been born without you. To my friend Jay, who has challenged me in the kitchen every chance he got. To Eric and Crystal who called my kitchen their favorite restaurant. To David & Joanne who enjoyed every element of my cooking and hosting. To Amanda who got me excited about Blogging. To everyone I met in Mauritius: You’ve impacted my life with your exceptional humble kindness and deep friendships. To our Foods of the World group of cooking friends that started in Calgary, Canada and branched into Denver, Colorado. To neighbors Jack and Mary that became fast friends and that I didn’t know long enough. To all of the friends in all of the countries we’ve lived in, traveled to, that I’ve met along the way, that I didn’t know as long as I would’ve liked to, who loved me and supported me, that I will never forget. There are too many to single out, but you are all in my heart. You are all missed and by writing this, your memory will be with me forever. I will work hard at doing all of you justice.



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